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Patented Tokenization

We bring businesses, merchants, and cardholders the latest in tokenization. CardConnect Goldcoast offers you our patented tokenization, which issues tokens that are merchant-specific and unique to your organization. Our patented tokenization provides instant encryption, so you can expect fast, easy and secure payment processing on every transaction, even when accepting recurring charges.

CardConnect Goldcoast provides irreversible tokenization that reliably generates random tokens that are mathematically impossible to decrypt. Our irreversible tokenization means our tokens can be used for recurring charges, providing the persistent and effective protection your customers deserve. Our patented system passes the Luhn test, maintains BIN recognition and last four. Our responsive and effective data security solutions allow you to process every transaction without missing a beat.

Instant Encryption

Irreversible tokenization that reliably generates random tokens

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How Tokenization Works


Tokenization is a data security process used during many types of transactions that encrypts sensitive information so that it is protected from hacking. Encryption works by taking sensitive information such as a consumer’s payment card data or personally identifiable information (PII) and replacing it with a mathematically irreversible token. This token has no algorithmic relationship to the original piece of data, meaning it cannot be unlocked with a decryption code.


In addition to protecting confidential information, tokenization also reduces or entirely removes data processing systems from the scope of PCI compliance—A set of rules set forth by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council—Because it removes all real touch points with actual card numbers. CardConnect Goldcoast provides you with some of the most advanced transaction processing applications to protect and improve data security.

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