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PCI Certified Point to Point Encryption

CardConnect Goldcoast specializes in secure payment solutions and we guarantee that to ensure that your data security with every transaction. We provide PCI Certified point-to-point encryption (P2PE) applications that provide the most secure processing power. CardConnect Goldcoast gives you the power to accept payments simply and immediately without putting your customer’s information at risk.

P2PE plays a pivotal role in securely processing payment transactions. This process allows data encryption to take place directly at the point of interaction that makes it impossible for thieves to access your data during a transaction. Every time someone swipes or inserts their credit card, a rapid flurry of digital communications takes place between merchants and the issuing bank that unfortunately leave cardholders vulnerable to fraud. Whenever a card is swiped or inserted at a P2PE device, the cardholder’s information is immediately encrypted.

We provide the solutions you need to process transactions no matter your industry.

Perfect for a wide range of industries including retail, restaurants, healthcare, automotive and call centers too.

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Versatile Security

CardConnect Goldcoast has developed a patented PCI-certified P2PE application that can be integrated on all your payment acceptance devices. We work the device manufacturer to integrate the P2PE application onto these devices, following strict PCI security requirement. We evaluate the leading devices on the market and partner with the top manufacturers to bring you wide compatibility. Upgrade to CardConnect Goldcoast P2PE for the most convenient and secure checkout process available.

Our P2PE protects your network and every connected device from being compromised by malicious malware. We deliver maximum PCI scope reduction, yet versatile enough to accommodate both card-present and card-not-present environments. Since all transactions are instantly encrypted, then tokenized, any stolen data is completely worthless to hackers and cybercriminals. Our system is perfect for a wide range of industries including retail, restaurants, healthcare, automotive and call centers too.

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