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Processing Interchanging Optimization

We are often asked about interchange optimization and what it really means for their company’s bottom line. By submitting additional information with each transaction, certain business credit/debit cards can realize .05% to 1.10% savings on each transaction.

In recent years, business and corporate cards have become more commonplace in general retail establishments, thus making interchange optimization even more important for any business accepting credit cards.

We provide the solutions you need to process transactions no matter your industry.

Any business can benefit from interchange optimization.

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CardConnect Goldcoast offers Merchant Account Payment Processing

Interchange optimization refers to the set standard of industry-specific requirements that were established by the major card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX). Every time a credit card transaction is processed, it’s directed to an interchange category that has specific rate and fee assigned. There are hundreds of interchange categories that are specific to the industry of the merchants involved in the transaction. We provide the solutions you need to process transactions no matter your industry.

Who Benefits Interchange Optimization?

Any business can benefit from interchange optimization, but some industries are more likely to experience downgrades or get opportunities to lower target interchange. Business to business (B2B) companies, businesses that sell to the government, and any business that processes “card-not-present” transactions (such as ecommerce websites and those that key in card information) are particularly likely to have downgrades that can be corrected to result in lower costs.

The biggest optimization-related issue for businesses is the difficulty in examining their statements to identify card types that qualify for interchange optimization. CardConnect Goldcoast frequently reviews statements to confirm that the merchant is properly priced at cost. During this process, we often see an opportunity for optimization. Based on merchants’ processing histories, we are then able to provide lower interchange rates directly from the leading card companies.

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