Rack Up More Sales With Clover POS!

The line is out the door with people ready to pay!  That’s a good thing for your business until an outdated point-of-sale systems runs slow or stops working,  Customers get irritated, some may leave before buying, or worse yet, never come back at all. Don’t lose the momentum you’ve worked so hard to build!  Provide your paying customers with fast and easy check-out with Clover POS.  

Swipe, tap, insert, cha-ching!  Electronically deposit a check, more cha-ching!   Add cash ( because it’s still “king” to many) for extra cha-ching. We all know the more ways you allow a customer to pay, the more sales you’ll rack up. That’s why the Clover Point-of-Sales System accepts ALL types of payments from credit and debit cards to gift cards and checks, and offers a cash drawer for traditional payments too!  


Everything you need in a POS, think of Clover POS as a “virtual assistant” able to not only accept payments, but to also take orders, organize inventory, manage your team and grow your customer base.    You can use Clover’s powerful analytical tools to track revenue: drill down to see your busiest times, best-selling items and to keep tabs on your inventory. You’ll also be able to access a myriad of vital information ranging from end-of-the-day reports to monthly sales trends.  Best of all, you can monitor your business statistics and transactions 24/7 with the CLOVER POS Mobile App. 

Speaking of Apps, you can add to your Clover System with best-in-class POS Apps such as Time Clock, Payroll and Yelp, and synchronize with accounting tools such a QuickBooks and Xero.  Clover POS include powerful POS applications to manage customer contacts, offer promotions, discounts and loyalty rewards programs, accept appointments and reservations plus more. 

Imagine, one easy-to-use  point-of-sale system that essentially helps you manage your business backed  by a merchant services firm that offers competitive rates, free setup & hardware options, no long term contract options and more.  That’s what you’ll get when you choose Clover POS and CardConnect Gold Coast. We offer credit card processing to merchants of various sizes and industries, and are always looking for every opportunity to help our clients obtain more value from each transaction.  Merchant accounts, credit card processing, universal commerce, point-of-sale (POS), payment processing, we do it all. Contact us today online or by phone at (800) 823-2131.